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January 31, 2007

One in Eight Adults in NYC Has Diabetes

According to the results of a study by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, one in eight adults in New York City has diabetes.

The study, released yesterday by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, shows that almost one-third of those who have diabetes are unaware of it, as are many of those with prediabetes, or abnormally high blood sugar. That means they are not working to control the ailment and fend off devastating consequences like heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and amputation.

The study has also revealed that more than 50% of New Yorkers with ancestors from the Indian subcontinent have diabetes or prediabetes and that Asian-Americans have surprisingly high rates of the disease.

One in Eight Adults in the City Has Diabetes, a Study Finds

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What gets me, is nobody really had these issues a little over a century ago. Don't give me that old "they just didn't have a name for this ailment" or "they didn't know better" routine. They're pumping us with poison and then the doctors prescribe us with more poison.

Topflite777, give us another conspiracy theory. Suppose the driver shot Kennedy, too, right?

Actually the driver did. ;)

Look, believe what you want. Do you think the power elite cares about your health? No, they care about profit while thinning out the world population.

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